Alcohol Detox

One of the first steps an alcoholic takes to stop drinking is called alcohol detox. During the process of an alcohol detox, a person eliminates and removes all of the alcohol out of his body. For an alcoholic, the detox process can be extremely hard and often causes numerous symptoms within the body.

The Alcohol Detox Process

When a person decides to stop drinking, alcohol detox naturally takes place. This process consists of a person not drinking anymore and cleansing his body of alcohol. This process is possible by the liver and kidneys carrying out their normal bodily functions. Many times this process also consists of eliminating other things within the body, such as medication and drugs. People going through this process often do so at home; although, if a person has trouble with it, it is common to seek help from professionals. During a detox, a person should begin consuming foods that are rich in proteins and fibers. A person should also consume plenty of fluids to help cleanse the system. People can expect this process to last anywhere from 3 days to 5 weeks, depending on the severity of the person.

Alcohol Detox Symptoms

The process of a detox does not come without symptoms. The symptoms will vary though, based on the person and the amount of alcohol he has consumed. Most people going through this will suffer from mild to moderate symptoms; however, a small percentage of people will suffer extreme symptoms that often require medical attention. The common symptoms a person might experience include:

  • The Shakes. People going through alcohol detox may feel sweaty, nauseous or shaky. Their heart beat may feel faster than normal, and their blood pressure may increase.
  • Hallucinations. It is common for people to experience hallucinations which include sounds, smells and visuals. This often leads to convulsions or seizures in many people.
  • Abdominal Problems. People also commonly experience problems such as vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal cramps while going through alcohol detox.
  • Psychological Issues. Many types of psychological issues may also be present in those going through this process. These issues include depression, agitation, anxiety and changes in their behavior.

Treatment for Alcohol Detox

People who are attempting this should seek medical help if any symptoms appear that are beyond mild. Physicians commonly help people through this by prescribing medications or vitamins. Many times people go through an outpatient process to fully rid themselves of alcohol within their bodies. Physicians may prescribe a medication to help with these symptoms. Chlordiazepoxide is a common drug prescribed to help cope with the symptoms. Klonepin is also commonly prescribed to help reduce physical symptoms caused by this. This process is extremely hard for many people, and the support of friends and family members is essential for a person's success. For people interested in learning more about this subject, there are numerous resources on this site that offer more information on alcohol detox and other information about alcohol.

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