How Long Does Alcohol Stay In Your System

So you want to know how long alcohol stays in your system? Well here is the answers that may shock you. As most people think a big man would have alcohol leave his system a lot quicker than a little woman but that isn't the case. That is actually completely incorrect. There is no such thing as sobering up quickly. But you think that doesn't make sense because some people can have one drink and seem smashed all night and another person can have 5 drinks and seem completely fine. The difference between the two is that some people take a lot longer to raise their BAC. They don't lower it any faster but certain people can raise it more quickly.

How Alcohol Leaves Your System

There is two ways that alcohol leaves your system. The first way is through breath, perspiration, and urine. This one amounts to 10% of the alcohol leaving your bloodstream. The other 90% leaves your body through a process called metabolism. Metabolism is virtually the same for everyone no matter how tall you are, how much you weight, your sex, and your race. Alcohol generally speaking leaves your body at a rate of 0.015 of blood alcohol concentration (BAC) every hour. Therefore someone who has say 0.15 BAC will take ten hours to get completely sober. If you think about it the law for drinking with alcohol is your system is 0.08 (US and parts of Canada) or 0.05 in British Columbia. So if you were over that limit like 0.15 BAC it would take a considerable amount of time to get back into the legal range to drive. So here are a couple examples to give you some reference.

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