Drinking And Driving Facts

Shocking Drinking And Driving Facts

If you think you have heard everything about drinking and driving facts, the below statistics are sure to surprise. Read on to learn the most recent and most pertinent drinking and driving facts that you can only find here:

Teenage Drinking And Driving Facts

Due to their inexperience behind the wheel and risky behavior with alcohol, teenagers are especially susceptible to the tragic consequences of drinking and driving.

  • An average of 8 teenagers are killed every day by drinking and driving
  • One out of every three teen automobile crash deaths is a result of drinking and driving
  • Four out of ten drinking and driving crashes involve teenagers
  • While still a major issue, recent studies have shown that automobile fatalities as a result of drinking and driving by those under 21 has decreased 73% over the past 15 years

While these statistics are shocking, the risk of drinking and driving is not unique to teenagers. Drinking and driving and its tragic consequences affect individuals all over the country. Consider these little-known state-specific drinking and driving facts:

Drinking And Driving Facts By State

  • North Carolina is the state with the highest percentage of drinking and driving fatalities
  • The state of California sees over two thousand alcohol related automobile crashes each year- about 10% of the national average
  • The state of Nevada prosecutes the highest number of drinking and driving offenses in the United States

Statistics regarding drinking and driving and subsequent consequences (arrests, traffic accidents, and prosecutions) have been tracked and analyzed in the United States for over a decade. Here are some of the most recent drinking and driving facts compiled from all over the country:

Most Recent Drinking And Driving Facts

  • Three out of every ten drunk drivers become repeat offenders
  • 32% of all automobile crash deaths are a direct result of drinking and driving
  • One out of every three people will be involved in an alcohol related automobile crash in their lifetime
  • Three out of every four convicted drunk drivers who have their license suspended continue to drive
  • On average, a person who drives drunk will do so 87 times before being pulled over

These are only a few of the most pertinent drinking and driving facts which highlight the most recent and noteworthy new statistics in this area. Keep reading for further drinking and driving facts and more detailed information on this topic.

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