DUI Attorney

If you have recently been pulled over in suspicion of drinking while driving, it is essential to hire an experienced DUI attorney. Receiving a DUI is an expensive occurrence in the life of any driver, so it is extremely important to obtain such a lawyer. DUI lawyers are often able to talk the case down, which not only saves you money in the long run, but reduces the number of points placed on your record. This in turn saves you money on insurance costs and fees that occur in the years to follow.

After you receive your DUI citation, it is vital to obtain a DUI attorney as soon as possible. This gives the individual more time to spend with you, receiving paperwork and video information, plus any other data they may need to plead your case. It is possible for your DUI lawyer to locate the actual police report and even the police video of your arrest. Sometimes, if there are problems in the report, you may be able to have the case thrown out. On top of this, if there is found to be no probable cause for the police officer to pull you over, the case may be thrown out. This means, if your traffic stop was done illegally, the DUI should never have occurred (even if you had been drinking), and the case is dismissed. A police office needs probable cause to pull you over. This prevents an officer from pulling over everyone, just because they feel like it.

When you go into your arrangement with the DUI attorney, they generally have you plead not guilty. This way, the lawyer is able to plead down your case to the assistant district attorney. Typically, the assistant DA is willing to drop the charge down to a lesser offense. If there is no problems with the police report or other issues the lawyer is able to bring up, they most likely are going to tell you to take the plea. If you decide to not take the plea, the court is then set for trial, and if you lose, you receive the the maximum possible sentence, which results in more money and fines. Often times, the amount of the fines and possible jail time varies, depending on where you received the DUI. Different district judges are more strict or lenient on individuals receiving a DUI, especially if it is a first time charge. With all the variables in mind, it is best to go with the plea and take the lesser charges. From here, a different date is set for when you receive the sentencing. Depending on where you are located, you may be forced to perform community service, attend AA meetings and classes, or even serve some jail time, although this is rather rare, for a first time charge. Although it does cost more money to obtain a DUI attorney up front, in the long run it is going to save you a substantial amount of money with the extra costs and fees you skip out on.

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