How to Find Loopholes in a DUI Case

When you are arrested for a driving under the influence of alcohol there are many effects felt right away. Such things as temporarily losing your drivers license, fines, and possibly be arrested. What most people don't consider is that there are loopholes in DUI cases that can be used to their advantage to get out of tough cases are certain times. Below is a list of five (5) steps you can take to try and find the loopholes in a DUI Case.

Step 1:
Hire an attorney. Lawyers that specialize in DUI arrests know the ins and outs of DUI arrests and can help your case. Having a good lawyer is always the best resource in any criminal case.

Step 2:
Challenge the findings of the breathalizer and chemical tests. There are many other factors that can affect the breath test besides alcohol. Even such tests as blood and urine tests are not 100% accurate. When trying to find loopholes in a DUI case try questioning the testing methods.

Step 3:
Go over the details of the initial stop and arrest. The officer who pulled you over needs to have probable cause to pull you over and perform any further tests. Examine the details as best as you can remember them and see if there is any loopholes in the police officers probable cause to pull you over.

Step 4:
Look at similar cases. The American Council on Alcoholism offers DUI case stuidies and sentencing samples. You can use this information to better prepare yourself for your court hearing.

Step 5:
Make sure you know what your attorney's actions are and going to be. To find all the loopholes in your case your attorney should be following through on all administrative hearings, including getting you a temporary or restricted license.

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