Interesting Facts About Entering The United States With A Criminal Record

Have you ever been curious to know the true facts about what will happen to you if you were to have a criminal record and wanted to travel to the United States? Well if you have here are some interesting facts that might shock you. So you definitely want to think twice about commiting any crimes if you want to travel to the United States. Well honestly you really should never have any thoughts of commiting crimes in the first place! This is just some more information on the subject.

Facts About Entering The United States With A Criminal Record

  1. You are not allowed to even fly over the US (even if the plane isn't landing) because that is considered entering the United States
  2. The Department of Homeland Security has full access to all the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) records in Canada. This is part of the new agreement that the US and Canada put together after 9/11
  3. The United States has a list of CIMTs (crimes involving moral turpitude) and most Canadian crimes fall under this category. Border officials have the right to judge whether or not a Canadian crime is a CIMT
  4. Even if you have a pardon in Canada the United States can see your record and not care that you have a pardon. If you want to travel to the United States you will still need a US entry waiver
  5. Majority of flights out of Canada must fly over the United States to access other countries (which you will not be able to do anymore with a criminal record)
  6. If your charges are dropped for whatever reason and you received some kind of discharge or its been withdrawn, and the crime is on the list of CIMTs, the US will still deny you entry!
  7. Summary offences (type of offence) can fall under the category of CIMTs
  8. Security between the borders of Canada and the US is even more strict that it has been in the past. On March 23rd, 2011, Canada passed a bill (Bill C-42) that will give the US even more information about Canadian citizens. If a flight goes from one point in Canada to another point in Canada and has to land for any reason in the US as part of the flight the airline must share 20 pieces of information about all passengers and crew memebers with the US before landing the plane

US Entry Waiver Facts

  1. A US entry waiver (which you need if you want to get into the US with a criminal record) usually lasts between 1 to 5 years. However most first-time waivers are only granted for 1 year
  2. It takes up to or over a year for the United States Department of Homeland Security to process a waiver application
  3. If you try to cross the border without a waiver you can face deportation, be detained, or arrest and jail time

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